Summer PD - We need your input!

We need your input WeVideo Educators :tada:

:calendar: Save the date Tues 7/28 - Thu 7/30

We’re planning a summer PD series and want you to be involved!

Please choose the top 3 topics for us to cover (will post definitions below) and comment with “I’m excited!” to let us know if these proposed dates work for you!

  • Student voice
  • Student creativity
  • Leadership for reopening
  • Whole child / SEL
  • Blended learning strategies
  • Video editing
  • Digital equity

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Track Descriptions :100:

  • Student voice- sessions focused around communication skills and strategies, tools, and implementation tips to help students make the biggest impact with their voice.

  • Student creativity- sessions focused around strategies, tools, and implementation tips to help students be their most creative selves.

  • Leadership for reopening- sessions focused on planning and designing plans and actions so that leaders can safely open schools and provide high quality learning experiences.

  • Whole child / SEL- sessions focused on managing emotions, setting and achieving positive goals, feel and showing empathy for others, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and making responsible decisions.

  • Blended learning strategies- sessions focused on designing high impact instructional strategies (digital collaboration, app smashing, asynchronous video creation, etc.) in a blended learning environment (hybrid of remote/distance/online/face-to-face).

  • Video editing- sessions focused on advanced features of video creation and design.

  • Digital Equity- sessions focused on how to provide equal access to technology and tools and how to support educators to help them navigate those tools.

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I’m excited! I think those dates work for me!

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I’m excited! I think those dates will work for me. At least at this point,…without knowing our District PD yet. Thanks! I also really want Digital Editing but feel compelled to vote the way I did because of the Institutional change that needs to happen. Thank you.

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Awesome @ryan.adams & @sharon.nelson :partying_face:

that great we need more about that

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Yes. Thanks to all of the votes here we pulled together this event happening next week. Hope to see you there!